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    Script Error with result panel

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    Xmetal Author Enterprise:

    I just installed a clean version of XMetaL 7 with no customizations of any kind. Any time the result panel is displayed I get the following message.  If I click either no or yes, it comes up again but the second time after clicking No or Yes it goes away. Afterwards, the result panel displayed as in the second image.

    I was getting this same error when I tested Xmetal 7 when it first came out. Is anyone on else having this issue? I found that if I go into the following file and comment out lines 39 and 42, the result panel seems load and work. I am not sure that’s the best solution though.
    C:Program FilesXMetaL 7.0AuthorXMDKlibsjqueryjquery-1.4.2.js



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    After a little goggling I found the following posts:
    By adding the following line of code after line 22 in results.htm, it makes the result pane work normally, without needing to comment out jquery code.


    That seems to be a lot better solution than commenting out jquery Javascript code.

    PS: Can you update the code tag on your forum to not horizontal scroll? While you are at it, why not investigate a better SMF forum Mod verification that every spammer can not solve. http://custom.simplemachines.org/mods/index.php?action=search;basic_search=Verification;bool=and;asc;start=0


    Derek Read

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    I have never seen this error in any version of XMetaL Author Enterprise. What steps are necessary to reproduce it?
    I will let our developers know about it, but if we can't reproduce the problem it is difficult to know what the best solution should be.

    As for the forum: We have looked at a number of solutions for stopping spammers. Currently we're blocking most if not all of the automated ones (that would be near 1000 / day). The best we can do for humans I think is to make it difficult (I've cranked up the time required to waiting between posts and that has made a huge dent).

    As for the horizontal scroll issue. I don't understand the problem. What's the problem?



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    I am now seeing this error in XMetaL 8, specifically when I try to run cross-file operations. It may be difficult to reproduce – other writers on my team are not seeing it.


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