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  • AndrewinKC

    Script error when changing otherprops selections

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    I encounter errors whenever I try to change the otherprops values when generating output for a DITAMAP. We have implemented a number of custom otherprops values for our installation and configuration guides.

    This has worked fine for some time. Recently, whenever I change the otherprops values I get a script error. I can click OK on the error and go ahead and generate the output. At the time when the output is done, XMetaL crashes. The output is not generated (in this case a PDF).

    Once I restart XMetaL, the otherprops values reflect the changes I made when I got the errors. As long as I generate the output without changing the otherprops again – everything works fine.

    Using XMetaL on Windows 7. See the attached screen shots for more details.

    Any ideas on what I can do?[img][/img]


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Script error when changing otherprops selections

    My first suspicion would be the Internet Explorer version. This dialog uses IE to render part of it (the list of items and checkboxes). If you have IE9 installed and have the ability to revert to IE8 that is the first thing I would try.



    Reply to: Script error when changing otherprops selections

    Problem solved!!!!

    I uninstalled Internet Explorer 9 which automatically reverts back to IE8. No more problems.

    Thanks Derek!!!!!!!


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