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  • wongsk27

    rules_path variable in XMetaL 5.5

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    I knew we can customise the rules folder (folder which contains the .rlx .rld files) using rules_path variable in xmetal55.ini, does anybody know whether the rules_path variable supports UNC file path? for example \machine namerules ?




    Derek Read

    Reply to: rules_path variable in XMetaL 5.5

    Officially XMetaL Author does not support this. You may get it working if you map such a path to a drive letter however. We do not test this scenario and there are no plans to officially support it at this time (but feel free to submit a case to XMetaL Support describing exactly how you plan to use this and, possibly more importantly, why you need it, and they can log a feature request for it).


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