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  • gcrews

    Restricting conditional processing attributes

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    I don’t suppose there is a way to restrict XMetaL users to only use the conditional processing dialog box so you don’t end up with spelling and case discrepancies?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Restricting conditional processing attributes

    This might imply turning off Plain Text view and the Attribute Inspector entirely, or is that too extreme?

    The former can be done easily (with script that runs at startup) as there is an API for this called Application.DisablePlainTextView
    The latter is more difficult to do (but possible). It requires removing the menu and toolbar items and reassigning the shortcut key Shift+F6.

    Perhaps what might be acceptable would be a feature to add “business logic” validation messages for users that mistakenly input a value using the Attribute Inspector that is not in the ctconfig.xml file? I say these are “business logic” validation messages because they would be specific to an organization and entering a “wrong” value here does not make the XML itself invalid.

    Would that be useful?

    These messages might appear along with other (true) XML validation errors in the Validation Log.

    In version 5.5 we completed work on a feature for DITA that adds a little “…” button (called the “Edit Attribute” button in the Programmers Guide) in the Attribute Inspector to give the author quick access to the “Apply / Remove Conditions” dialog for conditional text attributes (audience, otherprops, platform and product). So, we are thinking about this stuff. Training users to select that button might help avoid problems for now.

    [Off-topic: for your own (non-DITA) customizations the “Edit Attribute” button is a feature that can be configured to work with any attribute. It is controlled with some new APIs documented in the XMetaL Developer 6.0 Programmers Guide. See “When an edit attribute button is clicked” and related topics.]


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