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    Resource Manager tabs

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    I notice that the XMetaL Author DITA Edition 5.0 SP1 Resource Manager not only shows my DITA maps, but also two extra tabs that I never need to use: “Assets” and “Desktop.”

    Is there a way to turn off, or shrink the size of, the “Assets” and “Desktop” tabs in Resource Manager?

    It would be more useful for me to use the space taken up by the “Assets” and “Desktop” tabs for tabs that show DITA map file names, because unless I allocate a significant amount of screen real estate to my Resource Manager, having two or three maps open at once (plus the “Assets” and “Desktop” tabs) means that only the first one or two letters of map file names show up on the tab, which makes it difficult to discern which tab belongs to which map without waiting for the mouse-over tooltip to appear and show the full path to the map.

    Attached should be a screenshot of my Resource Manager. You can see that it's nearly three hundred pixels wide, and it's already very difficult to distinguish between the three DITA maps I have open, which are shown as “_u”, “_w” and “_”. Shrink the Resource Manager pane any more, and only the icons are shown.

    This has niggled me for a couple of years, so I thought I'd see whether not anyone knows of a way to make it easier to work with the Resource Manager. I am more than happy to delve into configuration files and I would not be adverse to modifying DLLs with a hex editor if that's what it takes to get rid of the “Assets” and “Desktop” tabs. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help.

    Stephen Stephenson
    XMetaLover, Vancouver, BC



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    XMetaL has APIs for adding and removing RM tabs, including the “built-in” ones.  The macros below illustrate them.

    1. Save the code below to a file “MyRMTabMacros.mcr” in the XMetaL “Startup” folder.
    2. Restart XMetaL.
    3. Run these macros from the Macros toolbar or the Tools > Macros dialog.

    1. XMetaL doesn't deal gracefully with removing all of the tabs in the RM.  It works OK, but it looks a little ugly because the RM doesn't repaint itself when there are no tabs.
    2. I don't think there is a way to “shrink” the tabs.
    3. There is a “RenameTab” API, but it doesn't work with the two “built-ins”.

    If you'd like the tabs always to be gone when you launch XMetaL, you could try putting these API calls into an event macro such as On_Application_Open.  (When I did this in a quick test, though, it seemed a little flaky to turn them back on; I had to switch back and forth between the tabs a couple of times to get them convinced to repaint themselves.)



    ResourceManager.AddTab(“Desktop”, “”);


    ResourceManager.AddTab(“Assets”, “”);



    Stephen Stephenson

    Reply to: Resource Manager tabs

    Wow! Thanks, Tom.

    That's exactly what I was looking for. I will have to teach myself more about XMetaL macros and the APIs. There seems to be a lot of useful things that can be done with them.

    Thank-you again,



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