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    Resource manager crashes on inserting topics

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    We have two computers, A and B, running Windows 7/x64, and have installed from same source XMetaL #

    On A, Xmetal crashes on inserting a reference to a valid topic into a valid open ditamap. This is a repeatable case and occurs after a varying number of topics (1..10). On B, the issue is not present.
    Both users A and B have local admin rights and work on local DITA files.

    I analyzed the windows eventlogs, and observed the following difference:
    A – has IE9 installed, and crash is caused by jscript9.dll in WindowsSysWOW64. Contains jscript.dll also.
    B – has IE8 installed, no problems. WindowsSysWOW64 contains only jscript.dll.

    I followed an internet advice on adding the regkey below, to force IE into using the old DLL, but the issue remains (even after relogon).
    HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMainFeatureControlFEATURE_USE_LEGACY_JSCRIPT, “iexplore.exe”=dword:00000001

    Is this a known issue of the Resource Manager in XMetaL? If so, any workaround or fix?


    Derek Read

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    This is not a known issue for me and I don't see anything in our bug tracker either, but that makes sense because the 6.0 release was not supported on 64-bit and so never tested by QA.

    Couple of things to try:
    If you can, does the issue occur in your environment running 6.0 on the 32-bit version of Windows 7 (that was tested here and is supported).
    Does the issue still occurs in your current environment with the 7.0 release or current release, 8.0?

    The main difference listed between your two setups is IE8/IE9. Since IE9 didn't exist when we tested the 6.0 release that might also be contributing. You could try reverting the problem machine to use IE8 to see if that resolves it.



    Reply to: Resource manager crashes on inserting topics

    I verified and ensured user A was added to Local Administrators usergroup.
    I backed up his personal DITA_OT dir. Then reinstalled XMetaL 6 as user A. Restored his DITA_OT dir.
    On my first tests afterward, the issue did not occur.  The resource manager seemed to behave stable.


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