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  • s. anderson

    RenderX only generates PDF with sans font family

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    Hi all,

    I'm using XMetal Author Enterprise 8SP1 on Win8, generating PDFs with Enhanced XMetal/RenderX.

    By default, codeblocks should be displayed in a monospace font in a pdf file. In my case, though, they aren't. The entire PDF is being generated in “sans” font-family, according to the stage3.fo file.

    I checked the font-mappings.xml file, and it looks right.

    I've checked all the configuration files suggested on the various Yahoo discussions about this, actually, and they all look right.

    I also checked that I have Courier in C:WindowsFonts. (I have Courier New and Courier Regular.)

    As a last resort, I tried changing the codeblock attributes, and the font-mappings to other fonts, and thechanges were never picked up. However, when I made a mistake in the files, or if I changed the background colours, those changes *were* picked up.

    I don't know where I should go next to try to resolve this, or whether this is actually a bug.



    s. anderson

    Reply to: RenderX only generates PDF with sans font family

    I gave up on RenderX and am now compiling with apache fop.

    Once I did that, all my problems magically disappeared! My xrefs were coming out right. My doc was properly formatted, and the fonts were all correct. It looks lovely.

    I'm pretty sure this is a bug. I didn't touch the config files, so it was impossible that it was something I did.

    I've reported the bug to XMetal, btw.


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