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  • gcrews

    Refresh References replaces text with xref

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    XMetaL(R) Author Enterprise 7.0

    When I insert a cross-reference to a section ID in the same document the section text appears fine after inserting the link. If I close and reopen the document or refresh references, Xmetal just shows the text “xref” for the link and not the actual text.  If I do the same thing but link to a different document, the refresh references works fine.  How can I get the refresh references to correctly resolve the cross reference link text in the same document? Or is this odd behavior maybe caused by a customization of ours?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Refresh References replaces text with xref

    The options for updating content are much more granular in 7.0 than in previous releases. Apparently updating xref and related-links is an expensive operation (can be very slow). I'm not sure exactly how the decision was made but it is disabled out of the box. You can enable it in Tools > DITA Options. See my screen capture.


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