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    refering topic titles

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    I am generating pdf outside xmetal. That is preparing xml files using Xmetal and generating pdf using xsl formatter using my own style sheet.

    In my o/p, the title of the composite file in xml file  should come in my o/p page. It should dynamically changes.

    I have referred the dita map xsl file in DITA OT kit. But it didn't find any xsl file for a topic (composite)

    How can i refer or call that topic name in my xsl file.

    please give some suggestion.

    thanks in advance



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    I am not sure if this is what you're asking, but this is how I have modified the prolog template to display the name of the source dita file of each topic  my PDF output. 





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    Let me explain clearly.
    I have an XML file like this

    volume name
    Part Name
    chapter name
    section name
    sub-section 1
    sub-section 2

    Now in my style sheet(not a XMetal style sheets, we have customized style sheets according  to out  requirement) the volume,part name, chapter name should comes in header.


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