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    Reason to upgrade to XMETAL8?

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    We are using XMETAL 6, SDL Trisoft 2011 Publication manager and HyperSTE 5.0. Now we are going to upgrade to SDL Content Architect and XMETAL 7 or 8. The issue is that currently HyperSTE only supports XMETAL 7.

    We use stylesheets to produce pdf A4, pdf A5 and webhelp output. We have an XMETAL subscription.

    In this scenario do you see any good reasons to upgrade to XMETAL8?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Reason to upgrade to XMETAL8?

    I would recommend running the most recent version of XMetaL Author Enterprise that any particular CMS vendor officially supports to avoid any potential issues. There may not be any but if they have tested 7 and not 8 then the safest thing to do is to go with 7.

    However, you might wish to ask them when they plan to support 8 in case that date aligns with your own upgrade plans or you can push your date out a little bit.

    Also, please check the exact version of XMetaL Author Enterprise that has been tested by SDL. Several dot releases of both 7 and 8 were released, with being the latest.


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