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  • Bill H

    Re: XMetal DITA update to version 5.5

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    Re: Ditacleaner utility

    If I previously upgraded from XMetaL 5.0 to 5.1 and used XMetaL's Ditacleaner utility on all files then, am I correct in assuming that I don't need to do it again when I upgrade to XMetaL 5.5? (In other words, is it correct that the Ditacleaner utility included with 5.5 is not doing anything new?)


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Re: XMetal DITA update to version 5.5

    That is correct. This tool does the same thing in 5.5 as it did in 5.1.

    Assuming you used the default settings for the DITA cleaner in 5.1 to “upgrade” your files from the 1.0 DITA DTD to the 1.1 DITA DTDs, then you should not need to do anything further.

    When the DITA 1.2 DTDs are finalized and we ship them (possibly our next major release) we might provide an updated tool, or at least the same tool + updated instructions (it is configurable) for migrating to DITA 1.2 (if necessary).


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