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    Re-ordering Lists

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    Lately, I've been working on linking content to footnotes. Our style states that the first xref should be to the first item in the list, the next xref occurence should point to the second, and so on.

    Table Item Table Item[sup]1[/sup] Table Item
    Table Item Table Item Table Item[sup]2[/sup]
    Table Item[sup]1,2,3[/sup] Table Item Table Item
    Table Item Table Item[sup]4[/sup] Table Item

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    • Caveat

    When I have to reorder the list, I lose the IDs on some (the IDs are created by me to be more easily read by me, li_09835602349234435 doesn't really give me clues as the content of the item where as xducer does).

    Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


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