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  • Anna

    Randomized file names for webhelp

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    I use XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum webtop, Version#:

    If I generate webhelp in XMetaL, using the files that are saved in Documentum, the html files get randomized file names.

    If I instead export the files from Documentum to a local folder/network disk, and generate webhelp in XMetaL locally, the file names are consistent.

    Is this a known, common issue?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Randomized file names for webhelp

    I'm not sure about the exact details but the implementation is on purpose due to the way files are checked out of Documentum into its own local cache on your machine and the way linking in Documentum works. When output is generated using the DITA OT integrated with XMetaL Author Enterprise these cached files need to have their links fixed up so that the DITA Open Toolkit can understand them. By “fixed up” I mean altering the links from the Documentum “dctm:identifier” format (which are not file paths but references to “objects” in the CMS) to standard file system paths that reference real files. It is that process that does the randomized file naming. The DITA OT has no understanding of these identifiers and no direct integration with Documentum and so XMetaL makes a copy of the cached files containing these dctm identifiers and fixes the links in the copy by creating random file names and then fixing up the links so they point to the files.

    You may wish to contact one of our partners that specializes in integrating the DITA Open Toolkit directly into the Documentum server so that output is generated from there instead. You can then continue to use the output generated from the XMetaL integrated copy of the DITA OT as a preview, but generate your real output from Documentum directly. We have several clients that are using this approach…or use your current workaround which relies on Documentum's export feature to decide what to name the files and fix up the links.



    Reply to: Randomized file names for webhelp

    Thanks for the reply, Derek!

    Good to know that we haven't missed a simple solution.
    Had I known of this issue earlier, we probably would have tried to move the html generation to inside Documentum. However, in the current situation, we'll probably continue with the work-around.


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