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    Publishing MathML to PDF

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    The attached zip contains a prototype implementation to publish DITA documents containing equations (MathML) to PDF documents. It utilizes Design Science's MathFlow integration with XMetaL Author 5.1 as well as Design Science's MathFlow SDK.

    Briefly the prototype implementation does the following:

    • Adds another ant task that replaces markup for each equation with a link to an image displaying the equation.
    • This process is done just after the “topic merge” is completed by the DITA OT so that a single XML file can be processed.
    • The image creation and link insertion is done using Design Science’s MathFlow SDK.
    • Once this ant task is finished, the DITA OT continues processing the XML as it would normally.

    The attached zip contains the following:

    • MathMLOutputInPdfFiles.ppt – PowerPoint slides describing the prototype implementation.
    • install – directory of files needed to install the prototype.
    • src – directory of source files containing the java code for the prototype implementation and an Eclipse project for building it.

    Please keep the following in mind when using this prototype implementation:

    • This is a protptype implementation. It is not supported by JustSystems except in the context of a professional services engagement.
    • The prototype implementation is build for XMetaL Author Enterprise 5.1. It will not work with other versions of the product without modification (which you are free to do yourself using the source code as a starting point).




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    Found this website very helpful, you can check this out as well. http://www.dessci.com/en/reference/white_papers/mathml_workflows.htm



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