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    Problems in Upgrading from XMetal 3 to XMetal 5.1

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    We are upgrading our XMetal 3 (Soft Quad) to XMetal 5.1 (Just Systems)

    We are having some wierd problems.

    For example: Our work directory is set to

    # Defines local path for configuration files (*.ctm, *.css, *.rlx, *.tbr)

    remote_edit_temp_dir = C:AtlasXMetaL

    Now we have multiple work directories created (with the name starting from XMetaL.) when ever we access XMetal using our application.

    The CSS are not getting picked up from where there should be , rather we are having new css being created if they are not already present in the rules folder.

    We used a custom location in XMetal 3 from where it used to pick the CSS automatically

    In XMetal 3 we used ,

    # Normally, there is no need to change the following…
    rgb_txt = ${SQDIR}rgb.txt
    styles_path = ${SQDIR}display
    rules_path = ${SQDIR}rules
    rules_file = xmetal.rlx
    rules_file_HTML = HTML.rls

    and it used to pick the CSS , but now in 5.1 we need to explicitly set the styles_path to the css folder location.

    Apart from this , we have this out of memory box coming now and then which never used to happen in XMetal 3.

    It will be great if you can help us.

    Note : I have attached the xmetal51.ini that we have modified for our use.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Problems in Upgrading from XMetal 3 to XMetal 5.1

    Yes, styles_path is the setting to use if you need to store your CSS separate from your DTD/RLX/RLS file and do not want to use the default folder (which is ${SQDIR}display as you have noted below). If you place the CSS file in the same folder as the DTD/RLX/RLS file (and the DTD is located) it will be loaded.

    The issue with memory is very likely (though not definitely) possibly something to do with a script. If you can help narrow that down it would be very helpful. Which specific steps need to be done to cause this error to appear?



    Reply to: Problems in Upgrading from XMetal 3 to XMetal 5.1

    What actually i don't understand is, that we never specified the styles_path in XMetal 3 and we still had the customised CSS picked up.

    There is one more wierd problem, the creation of multiple Work directories , attached is a screen shot for the same.Some of this folders are just empty. This gets created everytime XMetal 5.1 is opened.

    Regarding the out of memory is it a problem with 5.1? Generally whenever we try to open an XML file in XMetal , we encounter this problem.

    This leaves me with a serious thought whether we actually do need to upgrade 🙂


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Problems in Upgrading from XMetal 3 to XMetal 5.1

    You will see these types of folders created when your customization or XML files are being downloaded from a remote location (such as an HTTP server). In this case XMetaL must first download the XML or DTD/RLX/RLS and any related files (CSS, CTM, MCR with the same name as the DTD) before loading them. It is unable to load them directly into memory from such a server and can only load them from a “traditional” drive (which may be C: or a mapped drive letter or similar). By default these folders are created in your Windows %temp% location, so if you don't change things you can safely clean up these folders using any standard Windows management features, including “Disk Cleanup”.

    If you wish to avoid this you can work with files stored on a local or network (shared) drive instead, or integrate with one of the many CMS systems our partners offer. As soon as you use an HTTP, HTTPS or FTP address to open or reference any file XMetaL will need to download it.

    The logic for loading a CSS file is the same in the 5.x releases as it was in the 3.x releases:
    1. Check in the same folder as the DTD for a .CSS file with the same filename.
    2. Failing to find it in step 1, check in the location specified in the styles_path INI setting, which defaults to $SQDIRdisplay (aka: AuthorDisplay) for a .css file with the same name as the DTD.
    3. Failing to find it in the previous steps a CSS file is auto-generated (starting with the 4.x releases).

    With the 4.x versions and up it is also possible to create an XAC file using XMetaL Developer in which case an additional step is performed between 1 and 2 where a XAC file is looked for, expanded to a local temp folder and then the contents used). However, I assume you are not using such a file if you are using your existing 3.1 customization.



    Reply to: Problems in Upgrading from XMetal 3 to XMetal 5.1

    Yes, we are using DTD's from an HTTP server location. We have a location in our hard drive corresponding to the DTD's where they usually get downloaded, this happens in the 3.0 version.

    For example, if the http location is,
    We have a corresponding folder in our work directory as :

    C:AtlasXMetalfabprodATLAS-DTDS where C:AtlasXMetal is the work directory defined in the xmetal51.ini

    Any reason why this does not work for 5.1?

    I have no problem in explicitly setting the css path , but then it does not solve the multiple folder creation problem ,and i fear it will also not validate the document with the DTD.

    I am really thankful for all your valuable response till now.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Problems in Upgrading from XMetal 3 to XMetal 5.1

    I'm not sure why this wouldn't be working as the feature is the same in the 5.x releases.
    I would double check to see that you do not have multiple copies of INI files with conflicting settings. You might have one in your XMetaL Author installation path and one in your %appdata% folder.

    You should not need to set the CSS path in this case, provided your CSS file is also stored on the http server with the same name as the DTD and in the same folder. In this case it should be brought down to the local folder (as you suggest) along with the DTD, CTM and MCR files (if any).

    The alternative to using this feature is to deploy using the more traditional method of placing everything inside the Rules folder, or elsewhere on your local machine, in which case you are also able to use a catalog file to locate the DTD along with a PUBLIC id in your XML documents if you wish.



    Reply to: Problems in Upgrading from XMetal 3 to XMetal 5.1

    Well this really is puzzling. I have checked how 3.x works. It downloads the dtd from the server location and puts it in the same local folder where we have the css and the ctm with the same name as the DTD name. Hence there is no problem with 3.x

    In 5.x , well i failed to locate the dtd anywhere in my hard drive , which is a little wierd.

    There is one interesting thing though when i compared the xmetal ini file in the %appdata%. The configuration is as below:


    document_path = C:Program FilesXMetaL 5.1AuthorSamplesDITA
    draw_grid_on_borderless_tables = true
    save_path = D:Documents and Settingsjoshivxani
    show_structure_view_by_default = false
    source_view_wrap = 2


    document_path = C:Program FilesSoftQuadXMetaL 3document
    draw_grid_on_borderless_tables = true
    save_path = D:Documents and Settingsjoshivxani
    show_registration_dialog = false
    show_tooltips = true
    url_file_path = C:Program FilesSoftQuadXMetaL 3document
    user_has_been_told_about_sv_option = true

    How do i change the document_path in the 5.x? I believe this is also cause of the problem of the document not opening and closing correctly. I hope i am going into the right direction.

    One more quick question , do we need to change anythign in the external identification map? We do have some ent files in the server that are also downloaded in the local folder.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Problems in Upgrading from XMetal 3 to XMetal 5.1

    The document_path INI setting is read in at startup and sets the default folder to open when you select File > Open. It is set to the last folder you browsed to when you shut down. This isn't really going to help with your customization.

    The first thing I would do in your case is to place your customization files on your local machine and confirm that they all work there and work on placing them on your HTTP server once you know things are working fine. In order to help with this issue we really need to you entire customization, so it would be best to submit a support case through the regular XMetaL Support channels. Please let XMetaL Support know the exact version of XMetaL Author you are running as well, from the Help > About… dialog as there are differences between the 5.x releases, added to 5.5 and 5.5 SP1 to support limited users, etc.


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