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  • craig_83

    Printing/Print Previewing from XMAX 6

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    There is a requirement by our business users to print what is currently displayed in the XMAX control.

    We have got round this previously by programming a screen grab by scrolling through the XMAX control.

    However, the business users now want to be able to print certain parts of the document (they say pages, but obviously there is no paging within the editor). We thought of giving them the ability to highlight what they would like to print and having the ability to print 'Selection'.

    I can see the print option is available in XMetal. Is there anyway to expose something similar in XMAX e.g. document.print(selection). Or is there an alternative in the XMAX API.



    Derek Read

    Reply to: Printing/Print Previewing from XMAX 6

    There are no APIs exposed nor printing functionality like this in general in XMAX.

    We have a few clients that have implemented solutions along these lines by grabbing ActiveDocument.Xml and passing it to a 3rd party control, including IE (which gives a rudimentary treeview-like display for XML) or through something like MSXML with a basic transform. I have no examples however and I have not seen their code. If your copy of XMAX is already embedded in IE having another IE window appear might not be too confusing. If XMAX is embedded in an executable then you could embed the IE WebBrowser control or something similar. The WebBrowser control allows for printing and exposed APIs for that.


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