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    Prevent from creating new files

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    We're planing to use XMetal Author Enterprise 7 as external XML-Editor in an application. It uses a flat file structure with xml-file, xslt-stylesheets and xsd-files.

    XMetal creates aditional files when opening webpreview or source- or tag-view. Is it possible to prevent it from creating additional files (xml, html)? For example, why does it need a preview .html file?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Prevent from creating new files

    Remove the file multipleOutput.mcr from the XMetaL Author installation. Everything to do with automatic preview generation (HTML and PDF) is coded in there.

    If you wish to take advantage of any of the functions defined there have a look at the Programmers Guide topic “Formatting Object” and the topics it references (there are 6 methods defined for generating and previewing HTML and PDF).


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