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    Paste into Attributes not possible

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    I'm using the XMetaL Author Enterprise version on a windows 7 system.
    I experienced a strange behavior: It seems like xmetal is not able to paste anything into attributes which was copied before the xmetal application was started. Somehow it is able to paste it into elements and also to paste it via right-click -> paste but it does not work via ctrl + v.
    If i copy the content after the xmetal apllication was started this bug doesn't happen.
    Is this an unknown bug and is it possible to avoid it or fix it?



    Derek Read

    Reply to: Paste into Attributes not possible

    This issue seems to affect XMetaL Author Enterprise 7, 8 and 9 with no client reports of anything similar that I can find. Presumably it isn't something our QA people have thought to test for either. It does not affect XMetaL 3.1 so it must have been introduced sometime between 4 and 7.

    I will log it and have our developers look into it for a future release.



    Reply to: Paste into Attributes not possible

    I noticed it like the first day of using Xmetal and just chalked it up to a quark. I've had the same behavior occur before in other places in widows before (cant think of exactly where right now) so I knew right away to try the right-click context menu. I've had to teach writers the trick a number of times though.


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