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  • njmyers13

    Page Preview in Single HTML/HTML2 format fails

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    When I try to do a page preview for a topic and the preview format is Single HTML or HTML 2, the operation fails with the following error:

    AppDataRoamingSoftQuadXMETAL~1DITA_OTpluginsxhtmlsbuild.xml:69: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.dita.dost.util.FileUtils.getRelativePathFromMap(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;)Ljava/lang/String;

    This is XMetaL Version#:

    Does anyone know what this means and how I can fix it?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Page Preview in Single HTML/HTML2 format fails

    Does it only fail in this case, or does it also fail when you generate output using File > Generate Output for DITA Map?
    I would expect the same failure in both cases.

    I'm guessing, based on the clues you have provided, that you are doing the following:

    1. You have a map open in XML View of Map (Tags On or Normal view).
    2. You have set the deliverable type for previewing maps to “Single HTML file” in Tools > Configure Output on the Preview tab.
    3. You are switching to Page Preview, the DITA OT seems to run, you see nothing in the Page Preview window and the DITA output log file opens, which is where you are copying that particular error from.

    If someone at your organization has modified the DITA OT for you please check with them to see that the changes they have made are not the cause. Testing on a second machine with identical changes using identical DITA input files should cause the same error.

    If the installed copy of the DITA OT has not been modified (from the copy we install) you can try redeploying the DITA Open Toolkit to see if that corrects the issue:

    1. Launch XMetaL Author Enterprise.
    2. Tools > Configure Output.
    3. On the Advanced tab find the parameter called “” and increase the value by 1.
    4. Click OK.
    5. Generate output and when asked if you want to upgrade the DITA OT answer yes. That will redeploy the DITA OT from the installed copy.



    Reply to: Page Preview in Single HTML/HTML2 format fails

    Hi Derek,
    You are correct. The problem occurs when trying to preview a single topic in either tags on or normal by selecting File > Preview In Browser. It works fine on my system when generating Single HTML or HTML 2 output for a ditamap, but not for a colleague on his system. So it does seem inconsistent. We do have customizations to our DITA OT, so I'll run it by the implementer. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

    — We are both running Win7, 64bit.



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    I'm having a similar problem, except that in my case it's not the preview that doesn't  work, it's the generation of the HTML file. I can generate a ditamap to an  HTML file, but not a topic. I get the same error that  njmyers13 does.

    Any ideas? I haven't changed anything.

    Using XMetal Author Enterprise Version#: on Windows 7.



    Reply to: Page Preview in Single HTML/HTML2 format fails

    Hi Derek,

    I went back and reinstalled XMetaL 8 onto a clean VM (no customizations) and could reproduce the same problem that Nicole reported.  It looks like the error is being thrown in the DITA_OTpluginsxhtmlslibxm_xhtmls.jar file in getRelativePathFromMap.  The exception bubbles up and stops the build.

    Hope this helps,



    Derek Read

    Reply to: Page Preview in Single HTML/HTML2 format fails

    I've just tried to reproduce this with versions, and (8.0 SP1) and cannot seem to do so. I think there must be something specific triggering this issue that I'm not doing or it is specific to the input DITA files?

    My steps:

    1. Completely fresh installation on a clean Windows 7 VM.
    2. Launch XMetaL Author Enterprise and open either of the two DITA samples included in Help > Samples.
    3. File > Generate Output for DITA Map and select “Single HTML Files” as the deliverable type. The DITA OT deploys (first time) and output is then generated without any issues.

    No errors in the log file or during output generation for me.

    If you haven't tested with the sample files from Help > Samples can you try? If that works for you then we can be pretty sure that something in your map or one of the topics is triggering the issue.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Page Preview in Single HTML/HTML2 format fails

    I think I understand what's going on here.

    The deliverable named “Single HTML Output” was designed to work with DITA maps, not individual DITA topics.
    In versions prior to 8.0, I think generating output from a single topic using this deliverable didn't throw an error, but the output file was essentially empty.

    Perhaps we need to improve the UI so you cannot select this deliverable unless you are working with a map.


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