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    page breaks and lline breaks

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    i'm using Xmetal and dita. Output format is PDF by antenna house formatter. Is there anyway to make line and page breaks manually in Xmetal? Even though i have all those keep rules on stylesheets there are some cases when customer would want to have a page break in location where stylesheets says otherwise. Could i harness some element to do that manual page brake or is there some other way to do that?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: page breaks and lline breaks

    You might check with the Antenna House documentation for your version of AH to see if it supports something that would be unobtrusive in the XML that can be used to force a page break. Some FO engines support special PIs dedicated to this type of thing. The PI would need to be passed through to AH by the DITA OT (I'm not sure that is the case). It also assumes your authors don't mind working with PIs.

    Alternatively, you might use something like the following in the XML, then add an XSLT template to handle that special case that uses standard XSLT (break-before / break-after / keep-with / etc):


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