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    Output dialog issue

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    Sometimes when “show details “in the generate output dialog the window goes off screen and there’s no way to bring it back. I’m pretty sure this is a small bug that takes a specific set of steps.

      •cmd_synchro_mode  =  2
      •Secondary monitor to the left of my main monitor (results in negative x coordinates).

    Reproducing issue:
      1.Open XMetaL on secondary monitor.
      2.Open sample map.
      3.Ctrl+G ( generate output)
      4.Press ok to start generation.
      5.While output is generating click the “show details” button.
      6.Dialog  disappears (pretty sure it jumped out of range of the XMetaL window)


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Output dialog issue

    Thanks. We don't do a lot of testing with dual screen setups so it is nice that you have caught this. I will let development know.

    In previous releases the output progress bar appeared as a separate item on the taskbar and in 6.0.2 it doesn't, so we've obviously changed something. Not necessarily related, and even if it is it might be unintentional as some parts of the system rely on standard Windows C++ libraries that Microsoft may have altered.


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