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    Open Word Document, how to filter docx

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    I am developing with XMetaL Author Essential 10

    The “Open Word Document” macro in the journalist sample gives me in the open dialog the default option to open *.doc and *.rft files.

    I work with Office 2010 and would like to open *.docx files.
    Opening docx works fine, but I first have to select “All Files” from the filter dropdown list.

    In the macro there are the lines calling the opening dialog:
    Set fileopen = CreateObject( “xmWdExc.WordOpen”)
    fileopen.initialDir = myWordDir

    Is there a method I can add to the filter like?
    fileopen.Filter = “txt files (*.docx)|*.doc|All files (*.*)|*.*”

    Is there any documentation on the methods and properties of the xmWdExc object?



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