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    Open file limit

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    Is there a limit to how many files you can open in XMetal? Specifically if user selects multiple files (somewhere from 10-25) on the file system and click open. What we see is that XMetal opens files in multiple instances with 5-10 files open in every instance. How can make XMetal open all files in one instance?




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    You didn't specify which version. I've opened up to around 200 files at a time in XMetaL. Since we moved from XMetaL 5.x to XMetaL 6 and from DTD to XSD schema I can't seem to load quite as many any more but I've not spent time tracking it down.

    I primarily work from the command prompt; when I want to open many files I'll generate a list, make sure the XMetaL process has started (and wait 10 seconds if I start it for init) and then loop through the list starting XMetaL with the full path name of the file.

    Here's the core of the primary batch file I use to do this (you'll need to find a replacement for sleep.exe that sleeps the specified number of seconds or use something like “ping -n count” to delay a similar time period):

    Set _NoXM=
    TaskList | FindStr -i XMetaL > nul
    If ErrorLevel 1 Set _NoXM=1
    If Defined _NoXM (
      Start XMetaL60
    ::Wait for XMetaL to initialize
      Echo Waiting 10 seconds for XMetaL to finish initialization
      Sleep 10
    :: Launch all file(s), one at a time
    For %%i in (%*) Do Start /w XMetaL60 “%%~dpnxi”
    Goto :EOF


    Derek Read

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    Note that if one of your files triggers a dialog (of any kind) to be displayed that may cause files listed for opening after that file to fail to open. The most obvious would be the dialog displayed to the user when they are asked to browse to locate a missing schema.


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