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  • achu

    On_Default_CommandBars_Complete confusions

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    There are some confusing descriptions in the programmer's manual. Can you elaborate what those properties and methods cause unpredictable behavior are?

    In one place:
    “Some properties and methods that are called from inside the On_Default_CommandBars_Complete event macro may result in unpredictable behavior, including XMetaL crashes. “

    another place:
    “The On_Default_CommandBars_Complete event macro is a good place to carry out Command Bar customizations.”


    Derek Read

    Reply to: On_Default_CommandBars_Complete confusions

    The documentation should state something to the effect that calling any API that displays a dialog should not be done inside On_Default_CommandBars_Complete. You should also not open a document during this event, so do not use Documents.Open or other similar APIs.

    This event is really generally only meant for making changes to “Command Bars” (ie: menus and toolbars).

    I'll raise this with our documentation people.


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