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    Odd warning in XMetaL for Specialized DTD

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    I get the following odd warning message from the Validation Log when I use my specialized DTDs in XMetaL Author v5.5:

    Each line includes the same warning:

    Warning: Error: on line 447 of C:DITA-OTDocTypesdita-bentley1.1bentley_commonElements.mod:
    Non deterministic content model. An instance of element parml could simultaneously match two or more
    tokens in the content model.

    I say that this is odd for a few reasons: 1) the element “parml” appears no where the referenced Elements file, 2) this is all stock DITA v1.1; no changes have been made to that element, and 3) ignoring the warning allows me to use the DTD & produce content without further issue. Lastly, using the validation & producing output through the command line DITA-OT interface shows now warnings or errors of any kind.

    I was able to track down a Air Force document that indicated that this was some sort of known issue with XMetaL. However, I can't find anything to corroborate that. I'd be very curious to see if anyone else has seen this issue & maybe knows how to deal with it. Or, which is certainly possible, if there is something wrong with my modified DTD shells, I'd be glad to just fix those!


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Odd warning in XMetaL for Specialized DTD

    If you would like XMetaL Support to look into this you can submit your DTD using the standard support form and they will try to provide an answer. I think it is likely better to deal with this through support rather than on the forum.


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