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  • skadethankar

    Not able to save toolbar settings after i exit XMetaL

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    I am trying to set my toolbars from View > Toolbars. I select the required toolbars and exit XMetaL. When I re-launch it, the toolbar settings are gone.
    How do I resolve this?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Not able to save toolbar settings after i exit XMetaL

    What you are describing should never occur so you might wish to discuss your particular system setup with XMetaL Support.

    Toolbar settings are partially saved to your Windows Registry (basically position and size) and partially saved in TBR files (the name, which buttons it contains, what to do when someone clicks a button, etc).

    Perhaps your system configured to block read/write operations to certain portions of your Windows registry. These settings are stored here:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSoftQuadXMetaL 6.0WorkspaceEx ManagerXM Author Workspace

    Or perhaps some other software or an XMetaL customization is messing with your registry?

    If XMetaL Author crashes before it shuts down then toolbar settings are not written out. If you have a customization loaded that causes the product to crash each time it shuts down then that might be the problem. It is not that difficult to write a bad customization that would cause such a crash.

    TBR files are normally written to and read from here:

    C:Documents and SettingsdreadApplication DataSoftQuadXMetaL6.0default.tbr

    For specific schemas the location is usually here:

    C:Documents and SettingsdreadApplication DataSoftQuadXMetaL6.0genCProgram FilesXMetaL 6.0AuthorRulesDocBook5.0xidocbookxi.tbr

    All of these things combine in a cumulative way to come up with the position of a particular toolbar and whether or not it is visible when no documents are open or when a specific document type is being edited. When XMetaL Author starts up the “default” TBR is loaded (no documents open) and then toolbar settings are changed depending on the document type currently being edited (one TBR file per document type). This is most obvious if you edit two or more different document types (DTDs) and switch between them.



    Reply to: Not able to save toolbar settings after i exit XMetaL

    Hi Derek,

    How are TBR files connected with XMetaL? So if we delete the TBR files, XMetaL recreates them. So does XMetaL actually read from the TBR files at any point?

    To resolve this issue that one of our customers is facing, can we go their to their XMetaL folder and delete all TBRs in the hope that the issue might go away when XMetaL recreates the TBRs?



    Derek Read

    Reply to: Not able to save toolbar settings after i exit XMetaL

    Every time you exit the application the default.tbr file is written to as well as the TBR file for any DTD that was used during the session. These files store information about how the user has customized their toolbars and menus (added/removed buttons, added custom toolbars).

    Every time XMetaL Author starts up it reads per-user copy of default.tbr and then for each DTD that is loaded it reads the per-user copy of the TBR file associated with that DTD (or XSD), ie: .tbr. The default.tbr sets up menus and toolbars for XMetaL Author when no files are open. Then when a document is opened the TBR file for that DTD (or XSD) is loaded and the TBR settings are added / subtracted from the default.tbr file to come up with what the user should be seeing for the current document.

    You can delete TBR files if you want but if you do so all custom settings that your users might make will be destroyed.

    Per-user TBR files are stored in the locations I have listed in my previous post.


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