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    Next releases and DOTA-OT version

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    Hi, I was wondering if it was known what version of the DITA-OT will be included in the next releases of Xmetal. I would like to get started to migrating and testing customization that I have made over the past 3 years to a more recent version of the toolkit. The latest stable release of the DITA-OT is 1.5.4 that just came out.

    The thing I’m most concerned about are the PDF xmfo customizations that we have.  From what I can tell the xmfo PDF output code is heavily based on the fo plugin but with overrides and customizations.  Will the next version of XMetaL have the xmfo plugin as well or has the Toolkit fo plugin stablized where it’s not needed anymore?  Will the xmfo base code be updated or will it stay forked and outdated?


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