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  • Robert Lauriston

    Nesting unordered lists?

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    Are nested lists invalid in the “About these sample documents” sample DITA document?

    I'm trying to do this:

    • top level item 1
    • top level item 2

    • second-level item 1

    • second-level item 2

  • top level item 3
  • The Insert Element panel doesn't give me the option to insert a

      after an , and if I enter the code in Plain Text view, I get the error, “Rules checking cannot be turned on: The element ul is not allowed at this point in its container ul.”



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There is a DITA forum for DITA questions …
The sublists are allowed as children of the list item li, not as direct childs of the list elements ul or ol. That's the way it is, don't ask me why. Yahoo group dita-users is a better place to ask generic DITA questions.
You can click with right mouse button on any element or text in XMetaL and select “Help On Current Element” – a very neat feature of XMetaL. There you can read that ul only allows li as child but li allows ul.



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XMetaL also has a convenience feature that lets you press tab and demote a list item to a nested list. I haven't used the DITA edition but I assume it works there too. You'd have to place the cursor so it's a direct child of a

  • (i.e. it can't be inside a

    that's inside an

  • ).
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