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  • kwag_myers

    Navigation Syntax with a Command

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    I need to come up with a standard way of telling users how to get to several pages that, well, are buried so far into the application that you can't get there from here. Users have to navigate to a certain page, select a data element and click the Edit button. The result of this is a whole new world of pages, menus, and navigation bars (A.K.A. Outlook Bars). It goes something like this:

    Home>First Layer; Edit the desired item; NavBar>Another Layer, etc.

    Is there a better way to express this?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Navigation Syntax with a Command

    Does it make sense in your context to use a DITA element for this?
    (see the DITA Language Reference for suggested usages)

    is valid inside a DITA task.

    Maybe something like this?

      From the main menu select
        First Layer

      Press the Edit button to edit the desired item.

      From the main menu select
        Another Layer



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