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  • joe.hopkins

    Mutiple values on same row form.

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    Is it possible to build an XMetaL form that allows rows with multiple values?

    For example, we have the following XML structure:

    Currently in our XMetaL form we have to enter a row with topic, subtopic and book, for each book we have instead of just being able to put multiple books on the same row.

    Is there anyway to be able to input mutiple books on the same form row in XMetaL?



    Derek Read

    Reply to: Mutiple values on same row form.

    I don't understand what you are describing. Perhaps a screen capture (of what you are trying to build or some similar UI) might help?

    Another thing that has me confused here is “row”. It seems like you are using it to mean something very specific that I am not cluing in on.


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