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  • gcrews

    multiple instances of Xmetal?

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    I was wondering if there was any way to have multiple instances of Xmetal open at the same time. Many of our writers have dual monitors but you’re locked into the Xmetal frame for each document.



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    I agree that a usability issue with XMetaL is that it's difficult to see two places in the same doc at once or to compare two documents side by side at once. I usually open the document in a text editor (using a macro) when I need to cut-and-paste from another place in the same document.


    Derek Read

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    The customizable nature of the product makes it impossible to support running two instances at the same time.

    With the right display drivers (and functionality of those drivers combined with Windows functionality) it is usually possible to stretch XMetaL Author across multiple monitors, and that may help you. You can then open two (or more) documents within XMetaL Author and tile them using the options on the Window menu.

    We are aware that some people may still not be happy with this solution and we are looking at making changes that may help both with this, and making more pixels available to you in general, by possibly changing the way other parts of the application function, including the Resource Manager, Element List, Attribute Inspector, etc.


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