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    Multiple Installs of XMetal on one computer

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    We have a sticky situation. We are migrating between two different CMS systems. We need to access both systems. Our legacy system uses a customized version of XMetal version 4 (I Think) and our DITA system uses XMetal 6.0. We need to be able to have both versions on on computer so we can cut and paste between teh different systems. We have found out that we cannot have two different instaces of Xmetal running on one computer. We have tried using CITRI, but that creates some problems and is not supported by our CMS provider.

    XMetaL Author Enterprise

    Any help or possible creative solutions is really appreciated here.



    Derek Read

    Reply to: Multiple Installs of XMetal on one computer

    You are correct. You cannot install and run multiple versions of XMetaL Author in the same Windows installation. However, you can run one of them inside a virtual machine on the same physical computer.

    There are three options I have used myself: VMWare, Windows Virtual PC (Microsoft), and VirtualBox. The first is not generally free (though there is a “player” version that is), the second may be free depending on your licensing agreement with Microsoft, and the last is free. Depending on your licensing agreement with Microsoft you may need an additional license for the copy of Windows you will run inside the VM.

    There is also Parallels, but I hesitate to recommend it as I have not personally used it. However, any virtual machine software that can fully support the version of Windows required by your version of XMetaL Author / XMetaL Author Enterprise should be OK.

    Each of these has different strategies for copying and pasting between the virtual and host computer, but if configured correctly that action should be fairly painless.


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