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    Mouse Scroll Line Count

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    Can't believe I haven't noticed this until just now, but its kind of annoying now that I realize it. Is there any way to get the mouse scroll wheel to scroll multiple lines as define in the Windows mouse settings when scrolling a document in XmetaL? It would make  scrolling files a-lot faster if it did.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Mouse Scroll Line Count

    In Plain Text view the mouse wheel should scroll exactly the number of lines specified by the mouse wheel settings, but this is because all lines in this view are drawn the same height (you can only specify one font and one font size in this view) and so this view functions pretty much like Notepad, or similar to a listbox.

    For other views (Tags On view and Normal view) CSS styling comes into play and things are drawn using the CSS box model. As such there aren't really “lines” in these views, or at least there is no consistent line height, so scrolling is more akin to what you see in a web browser or MS Word, in that the specific number of “lines” scrolled won't appear to be what you set in the mouse settings. However, increasing the “number of lines to scroll” in the mouse settings should make advancing one “notch” of a mouse wheel scroll the document further. The “scroll one screen at a time” setting should also work (if your mouse driver supports that) and at least in my testing it does.

    Have you tried an extreme case to see if you notice the change, like setting it to 20 for example?



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    I guess I should have tried that, I just assumed it was doing one line only. I see now that it does scroll faster if you set it the line count higher. It’s just alot less that everywhere else in windows. Comparing the scroll amount in Normal or Tag view to output, it seems to be about a 2.5 ratio.

    I guess there is nothing I can do about other than set the line count really high like 9 and then have  everywhere else in windows scroll to much per tick. I tried a few tricks but none seemed to work.

          •Tried adding an onmousewheel event listener to the DOM node in a macro.
          •Tried sending the WM_VSCROLL message to the Xmetal window.
          •Tried changing the root DOCUMENT CSS class to a huge font and line-height.
          •Tried disabling smooth scrolling


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