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    Modifying print_local.xml

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    I am looking to modify the print_local.xml file in renditions folder so that everyone will have the same output options (I know  the  user file will need to be deleted).  Is there any guide on what id to use on instruction elements?  If I make some changes to my settings and go look at the print_local.xml in the appdata folder I can see the change. The things I’m wondering about is some of the instructions change from id=”200” to id=”100” between the application file and the user file. Is it ok to change the renditionsprint_local.xml file using id=”100”?

    Example: I add ANT_PARAM_dita.temp.dir=c:temp in the Xmetal interface. The following is added to the user print_local file:


    Another example: I change ANT_OPTS to ANT_OPTS= -Xms512m -Xmx756m following is added to the user print_local file:

            ANT_OPTS -Xms512m -Xmx756m

    However the renditionsprint_local.xml file has id=200”

    Can I just put those into the application print_local file with  id=”100” or should the id be changed to 200?

    It could help if I know what the difference is (if any) between id 200 and 100.

    Thanks in advanced.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Modifying print_local.xml

    Your new (“end user”) instructions should be marked as follows:
    Use 200 (exactly) if the instructions are inside a container.
    Use 100 (exactly) if the instructions are inside a container.

    Note that you may see other values and these should be considered “internal use only”. The @name “id” may be a little misleading as the values are not unique, however, we don't plan on altering this at this point in order to keep backwards compatibility with previous versions.


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