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    Modifying HTML Help Output

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    I'm attempting to modify the HTML Help output generated in XMetal Author v5.5 by editing some of the XSL templates found in the C:Project FilesCommon FilesXMetaL SharedDITA_OTxsl folder.

    For starters, I'm simply trying to remove the items involved with formatting a one-step task as a paragraph (not trying to justify having a single item, numbered list; just trying to start simple). So I made a copy of xslhtmltaskdisplay.xsl and then just deleted or removed the items dealing with the “onestep” mode. For example:



















    This appeared to have no effect on the output.

    Next, per [url=http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,1124.msg3587.html#msg3587]this forum post[/url], I added output parameter ANT_PARAM_args.htmlhelp.skipCompilation  =  yes to the HTML Help deliverable type (seems like an odd parameter to add, but that doesn't mean it's wrong, per se).

    Even if I did this wrong (which is actually pretty likely), I would assume to get a warning or error from XMetaL and – more to the point – for the output to be affected in some way. However, it appears to have no effect on the output whatsoever.

    Similarly, I also attempted to modify the map2hhp.xsl file to simply include some additional text in the output HHP file, and that also did not work.

    Is there some other copy of these files which I should be editing? Is there a different output parameter that should be used in order for XMetaL to use the templates in the XMetal Shared folder? Thanks for any help anyone provide.



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    You have to make the changes in the copy of the DITA OT that XMetaL writes to your user account folder. If you are on Windows XP, that would be C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataSoftQuadXMetaL SharedDITA_OT. Then you should start seeing the effects of your changes.

    Best regards,
    Severin Foreman
    Epicor Software



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    Thanks, severin. That certainly was the issue! Now, onto breaking XSL templates… 😉

    I am on Windows 7, so it is located in C:UsersAppDataRoamingSoftQuadXMetal Shared..., where AppData is a hidden folder (I think Application Data is a hidden folder in Windows XP, as well). It seems that searching Windows 7 for a file won't (by default, at least) display anything contained in a hidden folder, even when hidden folders are made visible.

    I should have guess it was something like that as we often have the same issue with our own software products.


    Derek Read

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    To find the folder on any machine (regardless of Windows version, group policy settings your IT dept has configured, or your Windows account name) you can use this path in Windows Explorer:

    %appdata%SoftQuadXMetaL SharedDITA_OT


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