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    Modifying a list item

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    Using XMEE  Version#:

    I specialized the DITA li, .  It is the first child of an



        I'm trying to modify the css so that it doesn't have a bullet or a number when editing in the tags or normal mode.

        Here's what I have:

        listintro { list-style-type:none; }

        but it is still rendering with a bullet.  Any ideas how to fix this?





    Su-Laine Yeo

    Reply to: Modifying a list item

    I believe it's necessary to style based on the @class attribute rather than the element name, because you're trying to override styling that is defined elsewhere using the @class attribute.

    For example, if the element is defined in a domain called “foobar-d”, the @class attribute for is probably “+topic/li foobar-d/listintro”

    So your stylesheet should say:

    [class~=”foobar-d/listintro”] { list-style-type:none; }

    Please let us know if this works.


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