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    Minor UI problem – Attribute Inspector

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    Most of my users have their Xmetal interface setup ith

    • Tags on
    • Attribute Inspector top right
    • Element list bottom right
    • No structure view
    • Status bar on

    In that configuration, if they

    • start XM
    • Open a document
    • Navigate to an element with a PCDATA attributes
    • Click in the attribute value field (the entire value is then selected)
    • Hit the DELETE key (not backspace)

    then nothing happens.

    Backspace will delete without problem.

    If the user then navigates to a second (and subsequent) element and repeats the process, the DELETE key will delete the contents of the attribute.

    This one has me baffled. I don't think its a show stopper. But it annoys the heck out of a couple of my editors.

    Any suggestions?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Minor UI problem – Attribute Inspector

    We are aware of this issue. It affects some users but not all. However, when it does occur for you there is no known workaround. We are looking into addressing this for a future release.


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