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    Mini-templates with ctm file

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    I would like to create a mini template that some child tags are inserted automatically if a parent tag is inserted.
    The following is a snippet of my ctm file:




    Even after restart These changes have no effect.
    Can anyone help me finding the issue in my template?

    Thanks in advance.


    Derek Read

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    Seems OK to me. Things to check:

    1. The element and everything it contains is legally allowed to be inserted. If that's not the case then just the by itself will be inserted (with the exception being when this element has a required child, in which case that child will also be inserted).
    2. This particular CTM file is being loaded.



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    Nummer is allowed to be inserted within werkzeug.
    In case of user friendlyness I would like to have nummer automatically added within werkzeug, when werkzeug is inserted.

    How can I verify if the ctm file is actually loaded?



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    An easy way to confirm that a CTM is loaded is to include (or change) a LongDescription of one of the elements in the the ElementProperties section. The text of the LongDescription is displayed at the bottom of the Element List window whenever the element is selected.

        Description of werkzeug element goes here


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