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  • severin.foreman

    Map Specialization: Incorrect System ID in DOCTYPE

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    XMetaL 5.5

    I created a local DTD shell for map.dtd called e_map.dtd and registered it in XMetaL using the Select Specialized DITA DTD menu command. Next, I created several DITA map templates and put them in C:Program FilesXMetaL 5.5AuthorTemplateDITA Map. Each map template has the following DOCTYPE declaration:

    However, when I create a map based on the template, the DOCTYPE declaration appears as follows:

    The public ID is correct, but the system ID is wrong. I can still edit the map in XMetaL, but my specializations of @base do not appear in the attribute inspector, and I'm sure this will interfere with future specializations that I have planned for my map DTD shell.

    This happens for all maps created from templates that use the specialized map DTD, but it does not happen for any of my other specializations, which include: e_bookmap.dtd, e_topic.dtd, e_concept.dtd, etc.

    I checked my catalog files in the OT and dita_specialized.soc and everything seems to be in order.

    To me, this looks like a bug, but I would appreciate being able to confirm my suspicion somehow or learn where I might have made a mistake that caused this issue.

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    A little follow up information…

    The DOCTYPE declaration in maps created from map templates is correct when creating the a DITA map in a SharePoint repository using XMetaL for SharePoint. The issue only occurs on my system when working with local files.


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