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    Map size limitation on WebHelp output type?

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    Using XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0, I am attempting to generate WebHelp output for a DITA map that contains approximately 1200 topicrefs (grouped under 20 or so topicheads). Invariably, when I open the output file, the expected frameset appears, but instead of displaying the navigation and content as expected, it just displays an animated OSX-like “loading” graphic (as shown in the attached screen sample).

    The output log contains no errors, but it does have a large number of warnings (that seem unrelated), all in the following format:

    [xslt] file:/C:/DOCUME%7e1/W951EQ4/APPLIC%7e1/SoftQuad/XMetaL%7e1/DITA_OT/xsl/xslhtml/dita2htmlImpl.xsl:4754:18: Warning!

    [xslt]       generateScript: SETSCRIPT =  no

    As near as I can tell, the “offending” line in dita2htmlImpl.xsl just runs a test for a variable called setscript and if it is “yes,” some javascript to open the topic in XMetaL gets inserted. Probably not relevant.

    Smaller maps work fine. I tested one that contains about 120 topicrefs with no problems.
    In the instance of the larger map, the log ends with a line that reads:
    The system cannot find the file specified.

    This is not the case for the smaller map.

    All of the individual HTML files appear to be generating as expected (I have not tested each one, for obvious reasons).

    So, I suppose the question is: is there a known upper limit on how many topicrefs a map can contain for WebHelp output to work properly?



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    We have not tested for the upper limit of map size for Webhelp. I would be interested to see where it's failing, so if you are able to please send me a .zip of the webhelp output folder to chris dot johnson at justsystems dot com.

    That said, one of the goals of the Webhelp feature preview is to gather feedback from the XMetaL community. So speak up people, what's the (typical) size of the maps you are using in production?

    – Chris


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