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  • bourne

    Map a xft form with a specific element from DTD

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    Could you please explain how to map a specific element present in DTD to a xft form?
    I also tried configuring data source filed present in XFT. It asks for DSN.
    How to configure it?
    Is there any well described guide about XFT forms? Please share if available.
    I read the customization guide, it says click on setup to map element from DTD.
    I couldn't find any setup option while creating XFT
    I am using XMetaL Author 8


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Map a xft form with a specific element from DTD

    1. Launch XMetaL Developer.
    2. Open (or create) an XMetaL Author document-level project.
    3. Open the CTM file included with the project. It will be listed in your the project in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer. If it doesn't have a CTM file then you will need to create one by right clicking in the Solution Explorer window.
    4. In the CTM file, inside CTM editor, select the element you wish to associate with an XFT file.
    5. In the Visual Studio Properties window select the “Advanced Display Type” property and click the “…” button.
    6. In the dialog that appears titled “Display As” select “XFT Form”. Once you have done that the “Setup” button will be displayed and clicking on it will launch the “XFT Form Wizard” at which point you can specify which XFT file to use and other options.


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