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    Load balancing for XMetaL Server

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    We are using XMetal Server EE 6.0 for Documentum Webtop.

    In our new enteprise authoring environment, we plan to have 2 servers, each with Tomcat, Documentum Webtop, and XMetal Server installed. The user will be directed to the least loaded server – there will be just the one URL that they select. 

    Are there were any special  requirements for using XMetal Server in this environment. Our lead IT developer is guessing that “sticky sessions” might be necessary to avoid having the user session bounced between servers.

    Thanks as always for any help you can provide!
    Paul Masalsky


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Load balancing for XMetaL Server

    This isn’t a configuration we test so I cannot say if this will work or not or what to watch out for, except for the fact that our software is designed and tested to work with one server. This also means you can only enter one URL in the Repository Options dialog and there's no way to change that, so XMetaL would still want to hit that one address to find the DCTM server, and it would be necessary for the server to somehow route things transparently (which I assume should be the case with a load-balanced setup).

    As for having two copies of our server-side code installed (one on each server) we don't currently know what the implications are there either but I think this is more of a DCTM question.

    If you can provide some more detail, including how the URLs will appear when using Webtop with MSIE we might be able to make some educated guesses.


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