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  • RichardTruscott

    List of Figures does not appear in PDF

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    Im using Xmetal “straight out of the box”,  I have set up a DITA BookMap with a table of contents and a list of figures.  When I generate the PDF the table of contents appears but the list of figures does not.

    Im using Authoer Enterprise version


    Derek Read

    Reply to: List of Figures does not appear in PDF

    I assume you are producing PDF using the “XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenderX” deliverable (because it properly supports bookmaps whereas the “Book via RenderX” deliverable, which is the standard DITA OT “PDF2” transtype, does not and would probably fail when trying to produce output from your bookmap).

    This is expected behavior. No work has been done to provide what the DITA Language Reference refers to as “generated” output for the following elements: abbrevlist, bibliolist, figurelist, glossarylist, tablelist and trademarklist. Support for these elements could be implemented and is something our Professional Services team (or perhaps one of our partners) could do for you based on your specific requirements.

    If you link to a topic from one of those elements using the href attribute then that topic should be included in output, though I suspect most people will want this information to be generated rather than hand coded (the DITA Language Reference calls it a “manual listing” when you specify the href attribute and says “processors may choose to generate an appropriate listing for this element” when the href attribute is not present).


    Special processing is done for and to automatically generate output for them ( based on topics and based on elements). I believe it was thought at design time that most people would agree on the format for these things, whereas different people may want very different things for the other types listed above.


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