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    Linking between files in different folders

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    We're running into issues in Webhelp when linking between files that are located in different directories. For example, if you have two directories containing xml source files under a root directory, and you try to link from a file in one to a file in the other. Everything looks great and seems to build fine without any errors, but the links don't work. It looks like the links are looking for the files one folder above where they actually live.

    We're working on some big projects where linking between documents in separate directories is required, some other projects where it is necessary to organize the files in directories, and this problem is causing some serious headaches. Any advice (other than don't link between folders, hopefully) will be helpful. Thanks.

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    Derek Read

    Reply to: Linking between files in different folders

    I can't reproduce this issue. I've attached a sample. Please have a look and let me know how it differs from what you are doing.
    You can put your own sample here or submit it to XMetaL Support.


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