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    Link problem if topic occurs multiple times

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    Happy New Year!!

    My dita map consists of sub maps with topics in it. If a topic occurs in multiple dita sub-maps, then in the ToC (link in webhelp) there is a page number and link referring to the first time the topic occurs in the document.

    It is because of the ID of the topic. When creating page number (and link) in the toc it gets the ID. The topic occurs twice but as I understood with the same id. So when creating the link it is linked with the first occurence.

    I do not have this problem when I publish from default xmetal 8 (webhelp). I am using dita-ot that is pretty old. 1.4.2 and as i know it is a bug for this version.

    Can you please let me know how is these IDs created in dita-ot 1.4.2 or in the latest version? so that I can modify?

    would like to migrate to the latest version but because of heavy custumisation I do not want to touch it.

    I will really appreciate your help


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