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    Licence overview and reassign

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    We purchased 3 new licences and renewed our existing 7 licences for XMetaL Author Essential 7.0.

    Now on some machines closes down just after the logo screen appears. Weird is that sometimes after a reboot of the machine XMetaL starts up as before.
    We assume this may have a relation with the renewal of the old licences, since the only machine where we installed a new licence is running fine.

    Can we somewhere see an overview which licences are used by which machines, and which are available?

    Since XMetaL won't start it is hard for us to unregister the licence and re-assign them. How can this be done?

    Kees de Grauw


    Derek Read

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    You will need to contact XMetaL Support for this.



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    Thanks Derek, I will.


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