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    keyboard shortcut keys

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    Our Menu bar items (File, Edit, View, Insert, …) do not underline their corresponding keyboard shortcut letter (sub menu items are fine).  Other applications , such as notepad, are fine.  We do customizations within the .mcr and .tbr files that could contribute to this issue, but simply running Author right out of the box experiences same issues.  We are running in Windows 7 environment.  Just wondering if a solutions exists.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: keyboard shortcut keys

    Underlining of shortcut keys (those preceded by & that should be hotkeys) is supposed to occur as with any standard Windows application (either all the time or when the Alt key is pressed depending on the Windows Display property that controls that effect). This feature was overlooked with the introduction of the new UI in 8.0.

    It has been logged as a bug.


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