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    Keeping two items together

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    Is there a way to specify two elements (2 paragraphs, or table title and table) together in a page without page break?

    I am looking for some attributes like 'keep to next'. If that is true then when xslfo is published then content in that particular element should be together with the content with the next element.

    among others need such feature to keep the table and its title together. currently we simly have a

    to specify the title followed by the table itself.



    Derek Read

    Reply to: Keeping two items together

    I assume you're asking if there is a DITA attribute value you can set that the DITA OT would recognize and, specifically and only for PDF output, do something with. The DITA OT doesn't have any code in it that will pick up on this type of thing as far as I know.

    You are probably looking at having to customize the DITA OT to support this. You would need to have the DITA OT include one of the XSL-FO “keep-with” properties (there are several) at just the right spot in the XSL-FO.



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    Thank you


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