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    JustSystems Ships XMetaL Author Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint

    Enterprise-Class Content Creation Solution Streamlines Adoption of XML, DITA by SharePoint Users

    NEW YORK and VANCOUVER — April 14, 2009 — JustSystems, the largest independent software vendor in Japan and a worldwide leader in XML and information management technologies, today announced XMetaL Author Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint, the enterprise-class content creation solution for enterprises using SharePoint as their content management system. By uniting XMetaL Author Enterprise and SharePoint, JustSystems effectively streamlines the adoption of XML and DITA for SharePoint users, making the advantages of reusable, structured content available to the entire enterprise.

    “Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most popular, widely deployed content management systems in the enterprise,” said Aaron Deitcher, vice president of North America and EMEA for JustSystems. “Together, XMetaL and SharePoint offer a comprehensive content lifecycle solution that lets anyone in the organization create, share, reuse, and deliver XML-based content, including less frequent content contributors such as engineers, managers, and customer service staff. In turn, users can improve content quality and consistency and reduce publishing costs.”

    Structured Content for SharePoint

    SharePoint provides secure collaboration and content management, facilitating more productive use and sharing of information on a platform familiar to IT professionals and developers. XMetaL Author Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint extends the SharePoint platform with an easy-to-use content creation solution that seamlessly introduces XML and DITA to manage content more effectively. With XMetaL Author Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint, even non-technical writers can create and collaborate on reusable content without needing to be proficient in XML.

    Highlights of XMetaL Author Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint include:

    • Access content in SharePoint libraries. Users can deliver consistent content faster by assembling reusable, topic-based DITA content in multiple deliverables. After writing a piece of content, users can check it into a SharePoint library to enable team members across the world to reuse it.
    • Support for check-in/check-out. A document opened with XMetaL Author Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint is automatically checked out from SharePoint, preventing other users from making conflicting changes. After making changes, users can check the new version of the document directly back into SharePoint from the XMetaL user interface.
    • Leverage SharePoint-based security. Users can use SharePoint user management and permissions features to control who can view and/or edit content. Access control extends to individual sections, paragraphs, and phrases incorporated through the DITA content reference (conref) mechanism.
    • Client-side deployment. XMetaL Author Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint communicates directly with the SharePoint server via SharePoint’s SOAP interface. Everything needed to enable XML authoring is installed on the local machines of the authors who need it. No installation or additional configuration is required on the SharePoint server, greatly simplifying IT and maintenance tasks.

    Pricing and Availability

    XMetaL Author Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint is available today. Pricing starts at US$1,390.

    For more information on JustSystems, please visit http://www.justsystems.com/ and the JustSystems Knowledge Center at http://na.justsystems.com/KnowledgeCenter.

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    About JustSystems

    JustSystems is a leading global software provider with three decades of successful innovation in office productivity, information management, and consumer and enterprise software. With over 2,500 customers worldwide, the company is continuing a global expansion strategy based on its xfy enterprise software, XMetaL content lifecycle solutions, and its pioneering work in enabling XBRL financial reporting technologies. JustSystems is one of the 2009 KMWorld 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management, a 2008 EContent 100 member, and was recognized on the 2008 KMWorld Trend-Setting Product list for XMetaL. Major strategic partnerships include IBM, Oracle and EMC. For more information, please visit http://www.justsystems.com.

    All brand names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


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