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    [JustSystems] SiberLogic & JustSystems Conquer the Complexity of S1000D

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    SiberLogic and JustSystems Conquer the Complexity of S1000D

    White Paper and Webinar Address Product Integration that Lets Government and Commercial Organizations Tame Technical Documentation and Training Materials

    NEW YORK and VANCOUVER — May 17, 2010 — SiberLogic, a world leader in the development and innovative application of content management software, and JustSystems, the largest independent software vendor in Japan and a worldwide leader in XML and information management technologies, today announced a product integration between SiberLogic SiberSafe S1000D CMS/CSDB and JustSystems XMetaL® Author Enterprise 6.0. The integration eases technical documentation processes and training material upgrades for commercial and government organizations via the S1000D standard, a free XML specification for the procurement and production of technical publications and training content.

    The advantages of the SiberLogic and JustSystems product integration are highlighted in a white paper titled, “SiberSafe S1000D Edition with XMetaL Integration,” and will be discussed during a webinar, “XMetaL Author Enterprise Integrated with SiberSafe S1000D CSDB,” on Tuesday, May 18, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time.

    “We’re seeing more and more governmental and large commercial organizations turn to S1000D to ease the logistics of supporting their equipment and lower lifecycle costs,” said Alex Povzner, managing director at SiberLogic. “The JustSystems and SiberLogic product integration was a logical step for us given the demand in the market for standardizing the creation, management and delivery of equipment maintenance and operations information and training materials.”

    Governmental and large commercial organizations use equipment that has long lifecycles and many models; and they often have a large ecosystem of suppliers providing both this equipment and its associated technical training and documentation. As these organizations purchase fewer new systems, some of their equipment is being kept in service longer than originally planned. Mid-life upgrades create additional challenges for supporting information, and S1000D lets content from multiple suppliers be integrated easily.

    “Organizations that focus on complex air, land, sea and commercial equipment have often struggled with the many different ways the information is developed and delivered, making it difficult and costly to deploy, maintain and integrate with their logistics support efforts over long periods,” said Tim Groeneveld, vice president, sales for JustSystems. “The SiberSafe and XMetaL integration helps tame the development and delivery of long-lifecycle technical documentation and training information that is common in these organizations.”

    To download a copy of the white paper, go to http://bit.ly/ch6mC1, and to register for the webinar, visit http://bit.ly/b0IPzu. For more information on JustSystems, please visit http://www.justsystems.com/.

    About SiberLogic

    SiberLogic offers a complete and cost-effective collaborative environment for teams producing technical publications in XML or SGML. SiberLogic's SiberSafe CMS/CSDB family of products provides not only fundamentals such as version and workflow control, conditional and multi-channel publishing, and staging & deployment options, but also leading-edge DITA and S1000D support and the integration with the popular authoring tools and rendering tools. SiberSafe is an XML Content Management System of choice for technical documentation teams that use XML-based formats, including S1000D and DITA as well as other XML standards or proprietary XML schemas and DTDs, to produce, transform and translate long-lived, complex, evolving content.

    About JustSystems

    JustSystems is a leading global software provider with three decades of successful innovation in office productivity, information management, and consumer and enterprise software. With over 2,500 customers worldwide, the company is continuing a global expansion strategy based on its XMetaL product line. For more information, please visit http://www.justsystems.com. 


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